Scoundrels Volume One and Two are

available as a paperback or ebook

from all good bookshops.

Volume One

In Volume One, the Majors recount scandalous tales of murder on Everest, panda hunting with the last Chinese Emperor and the theft of a uniquely sordid item from the Nazi fortress Klunghammer. But why have they been under house arrest for over thirty years?.

“Seriously funny. The book I wish I could write. An ingeniously crafted farce that blunderbusses its way around the world in a rollicking mix of absurdity and brilliance.”


“Having produced and worked with Monty Python for over 40 years I get presented with

a lot of books to comment on, I must say Scoundrels was a really enjoyable & interesting read. It has all the elements of a thriller-comedy that keep you reading till the last page.”

ANDRE JACQUEMIN Monty Python & Comic Strip editor

"Excellent stuff, love it. It is a filthy, tawdry romp of a thing, stuffed to the gunnels with drunkenness, debauchery and historically dubious deeds of derring-do."


Volume Two:

The Hunt for Hansclapp

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There is a rat in the house! determined to bring their nemesis Gruber Hansclapp to justice, the majors embark on a global adventure that features kidnapping in the Congo, manslaughter on the Orient Express, and romance at the Stasi Christmas Party. what’s more, they undertake the greatest adventure of all: Fatherhood.